Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Thing (1982)

I watched The Thing (the 1982 version) yesterday for another Kickstarter backer -- the lovely David Harper of Multiversity Comics! :D I've wanted to watch this movie for a long time.  I remember once being on vacation in a cabin with my family and friends of the family.  Our dads and teenage brothers watched The Thing together, but advised me not to since it was pretty scary (good call, honestly).  I missed my chance and didn't get around to seeing the film until now.

Read on for some spoiler-filled reaction comics!
Aaaaand I would be the first one to die. xD
I felt so bad for Dog Guy!  I was totally sympathizing...poor puppies. :(

*His name is "Childs", not "Giles" xD

This movie was great but it was SO SCARY to me.  Something about the suspense coupled with the gruesome, CGI-free special effects just struck a chord with me.  And that simple soundtrack with the "bump bump...bump bump"--so effective!

At the same time, it was funny how I knew what was coming, because so many subsequent works have borrowed from The Thing.  I was flashing back in particular to episodes of South Park and The X-Files.

The tropes of a quarantine situation / witch hunt work so well for developing dread...and then you've got the added time limit with the storm moving in, the communications going out, and the much larger picture of springtime taking the infection global if they don't kill the thing before it kills all of them or freezes itself...so tense!
It was dreadful watching characters turn on one another and give into their worst and most basic instincts...even our hero commits murder out of fear and self-preservation blown out of perspective.  I loved how the movie made you doubt EVERYONE--the dog sneaking up on Nauls in the kitchen fades to black rather than showing what happened, the temporary loss of lights puts everyone in the gray, Windows cuts his finger just out of view, Dr. Blair is alone in his hut unsupervised, Childs goes missing from his post and runs into the storm for some reason...we have to take people at their word, and end up trusting no one.  It's terrifying!

I'm reading the Wikipedia entry for the film, and laughing in horror at the "Annual viewings" section, which claims that The Thing and The Shining are regularly viewed by the winter crew at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station.


  1. Oh, this was a fun review! I'm conflicted about The Thing - I recognize that it's a great horror movie, but the whole 'animals in danger' thing pretty much ruined the film for me, even though it was done so well; it just took me out of it. At least I can still appreciate the practical effects, though - it's obvious the designers of various survival horror games were fans of this :)

    1. Yeah, poor dogs. :(
      The effects were REALLY great. :D I'm surprised I haven't seen more of that tongue--ropey stuff shooting out of monsters in other movies; it was gross but I thought it worked really well.

  2. I'm so happy that you enjoyed this movie. It's a family favorite in our house and not just because Kurt Russell looks fine with a great big bushy beard. Also, if you enjoyed the movie, I think you might enjoy these as well. One is a great short story based on The Thing but told from a...unique...perspective. The other is a totally naughty word filled redub of some of the more memorable scenes from the movie and it is hilarious...at least to me. ^____^ http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/watts_01_10/ and http://youtu.be/Y2tdmdMamEY

    1. ROFL!! "Why don't we just...not talk about it. Like,at all." xD Thanks for that, Ian!

      "Kurt Russell looks fine with a great big bushy beard."
      ^True fax

    2. Happy to share, Natalie! I have to admit an unhealthy addiction to that redub video, I tend to watch it anytime I need a prescription for 'this day just totally sucks'-itis. And thank you for sharing your reactions to these movies, so great!!

  3. Yes-- this is gonna be a good blog. I haven't seen the thing... but I like that not many people have seen it. I like that it's really your experience with it-- that's all a good review is, anyway. I'm sure vast amounts of comic bookians are going to be reviewing Guardians of the Galaxy, cause they know other artists'll dig and comment it...


    1. Oh maaaaan, I watched Ame Yuki Wolf Children in January. So good and different...and I don't know about you, but I found it REALLY SAD.

      Maybe you'll be happy to hear that I'm posting a review of Summer Wars this week?