Sunday, May 11, 2014

Godzilla (2014)

I got to attend a screening of Godzilla at the Grand REX theater with Boulet on Saturday night.  Three special guests, including director Gareth Edwards, gave short interviews for the room before the screening.  The crowd was amped and showed un-Parisian levels of enthusiasm.  It was a REALLY fun atmosphere, and felt like the perfect way to view this film.

Read on for some spoiler-filled reaction comics!
 ^So good!!
(I also hate them because I have to cheat in my reaction comics and draw myself bare-faced to show my reactions!)

Here's a nice list of ten.  (After reading that list, I'm really stoked that Dredd is up soon in my review queue) But....more.  All the time.  Forever.

I loved that ending.

The acting and the effects were FANTASTIC in this movie.  I saw so many faces I love from other movies and shows. :D And there were genuinely delightful moments where my inner 7-year-old was like, "OMG IS IT MOTHRA?!" or "IS GODZILLA FERREALS ABOUT TO BREATHE FIRE?!"


  1. Hmm, the comics are cute, but I feel perhaps there is some truth to the human drama sorta dragging along the story, however, I think Garth hit the mark with all the buildup towards the ending, and he really did hit the mark with The King of the Monsters himself. Garth has shown he has potential, he just needs to work on getting a proper script writer, or at least a..slightly better one, but don't get me wrong, the actors may have had a few lines here and there, and some where not as compelling, but hey, they did a good job at their roles, and that's what counts. Hopefully if the film does well enough, we may see a sequel in the future, maybe with a larger menagerie of Toho Classic Kaiju. That's my opinion at least.

  2. So I haven't read any of these reaction comics yet because I want to go in unspoiled... but is watching Pacific Rim before watching Godzilla a good idea or bad idea?

  3. Whoa. I remember when Boulet used to actually make new comics. Crazy.